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IPA: was established originally as a Specially-Approved Corporation, based on the Law on Promotion of Information Processing (enacted May 22,1970,Law No.90). By amendments enacted on December 11,2002(Low No. 144), lPA was reorganized to become an lncorporated Administrative Agency dated January 5, 2004.
It is 100% owned by, and the funding also comes form , Japanese government.
Its mission is to promote better and securer IT utilization and environment, through pushing and supporting IT Security, Software Engineering, and IT Human Resources development.

IPA main fields of activity are the following:
1) Creating a Secure and Reliable IT-based Society - IT Security / Software Engineering,
2) Creating a Better IT Future - IT Human Resources Development,
3) Supporting SMEs
Strengthen Development Ability of Small and Medium IT Enterprises / Improve IT Capabilities of Small and Medium Enterprises,
4) Connecting Japanese IT with the World - International Cooperation, Promoting Open Standards, and Strengthening Competitiveness. IT networks now routinely cross international borders. IPA works to deepen cooperation with other nations in security measures and to bring Japanese technology and procedures up to international standards.